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Our real estate portfolio 

Our real estate portfolio consists largely of commercial real estate with commercial properties located out of town. Our buildings are located throughout Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

There is a harmonious mix between stand-alone stores, clusters and retail parks.

Part of the portfolio also includes residential real estate, including a project for 10 single-family homes in Meise.

Schermafbeelding 2022-10-12 om 11.22.02.png

Bettembourg Shopping Park

Route de Luxembourg 235, 3254 Bettembourg (LU)

The Bettembourg Shopping Park, which is part of our Luxembourg-based company Assurimmo SARL, opened its doors in early 2020.

On a site of more than 25,000 m² including 13,000 m² of commercial area, you will find a concept on a human scale of 14 renowned brands specializing in the most diverse sectors such as: household appliances, decoration, food, catering, bakeries, clothing, shoes, fitness, toys, stationery, pets and even a bank!

Diversity, conviviality and accessibility (thanks to 264 parking spaces) are the 3 assets of this new quality Shopping Park, not far from the center of Luxembourg.

For more information, surf to:

Marco Polo Gardens 

Kapellelaan, 1860 Meise 

In 2020 we decided to invest in residential real estate in order to further diversify our funds with a first project in Meise.

The delivery of the 10 single-family homes is scheduled for the second half of 2023.

Fidusca will keep the properties in its portfolio for rent.

For more information on the project, surf to:

Strassen 2.png

Retail Cluster Strassen 

Route d'Arlon 345,  8011 Strassen (LU)

Our second site in Luxembourg is located on La Route D'Arlon 385 in Strassen. 

This site of more than 2,000 m² is rented to 4 tenants. 

The site is ideally located in a rapidly expanding area where many new projects are under development. 

Other goods


Cluster Enghien


Krëfel and Bio Corners

Pavement de Soignies 87, 7850 Enghien 



Cluster Genk


Tupperware and Wibra

Hasseltweg 81,

3600 Genk 



Krëfel Anderlues

Chaussée de Mons 195,

6150 Anderlues 

1,999 m²

Bouge 2_edited.jpg

Krëfel Bouge

Chaussée de Louvain 328,

5004 Bouge


korbeek-lo Carpet Right .png

Cluster Korbeek-lo


Carpet Right and Schmidt Keukens

Uitbreidingslaan 2,

3360 Korbeek-Lo

1,330 m²


Krëfel Dinant

Rue Saint-Jacques 324, 

5500 Dinant 


Scherm­afbeelding 2024-02-21 om 14.35.07.png

Krëfel Genk

Hasseltweg 81,

3600 Genk 

1.920 m²

Geraardsbergen .png

Krëfel Geraardsbergen

Astridlaan 40,

9500 Geraardsbergen

999 m²


Krëfel Grimbergen

Waardebeekdreef 8,

1850 Grimbergen

975 m2

Hasselt 1.png

Krëfel Hasselt

Runkstersteenweg 247, 

3500 Hasselt

2,332 m²


Krëfel Huy

Avenue de Bosquet 34,

4500 Huy

1,685 m²

Tones HODB 2.png

Tones Heist-op-den-Berg

Liersesteenweg 153A,

2220 Heist-op-den-Berg

498 m²

Mechelen 2.png

Tones Mechelen

Brusselsesteenweg 454, 

2800 Mechelen

503 m²

Eethuis Botan.png

Eethuis Botan

Liersesteenweg 153,

2220 Heist-op-den-Berg


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